There is always a solution.

When we write the blog, sometimes we don’t have ideas to write but we should not do anything like writing anything just to write it daily and daily to say that you write already. But we should adjust our mind and know what to write first. We don’t do it for let it passed by day after day. But we would like to improve our skill, so we write every day. If we don’t know the exit way of the solution, maybe we might start at the entry again. We can exit at the entry and find the other opportunity to learn more about the topic and then write later. It would be more interesting. I try to write it everyday to improve my English. However for idea generation, I would have to improve a lot and I would not be like to be only a routine writer. I would like to improve it to be interesting one. Hope you be my will power and inspiration. Thank you.

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Season change.. Take care.

In the song “Season change” in Thailand, there is the legend for this song. Boyd asked 1 million baht from his family to invest in his music business. In recording, when he finished doing the record, the tape is out of order. He had to redo it all, but he is not discouraged, thinking that obstacle can happen and then he redo the recording.

After that he record again and do 5 tapes for contingency plan. There would be as the back up in case there is a problem. However, when the day Boyd stayed at home, there is a thief come to his house and smash the car mirror and steal 5 tapes even though he can’t do anything with it.

Boyd thinks what the bad day it is.

His mom said to him that life is like a season. When it is rainy season, it always rains. But it will passed by. Boyd got all this and had a will power and inspiration to work on the song “season change” He thanked his mom for inspiration.

Right now, it has a bad weather in Thailand like there is some storm and rain, take good care of yourself. Good luck.


Enjoy eating.. :)

I have experienced with the promotion at Zen, a Japanese restaurant. The promotion there is so generous. It is not selective and exclusive only one kind. People can select both promotion from credit card and mobile service promotion at the same time. It is not like other restaurant that when we choose the promotion from mobile service, we can’t use the promotion from credit card anymore. So that day, we can get 2 free menus that are delicious and I’m interested in visiting there again, except the high price. However, the raw material used to produce the food is high quality and the atmosphere when the waitresses greeting customers in Japanese speaking makes me feel like going to Japan. So I like this restaurant and would like to tell my friends to go eating out there.

zen restaurant zen menu

Hey! how about the green glasses.

There is a millionaire who is ill and he worries about his possession. He asked the fortune teller about the way to maintain his wealth. The fortune teller said that he was matched with green, he should see only green things, even the cloth of people visiting him. One day a monk wearing yellow robe passed his house and he stopped him saying that the monk should paint the yellow robe to be green when the monk would like to pass his house. The monk said when you would like something, it might be easier to change yourself first before telling other to change their action. For you, just wear the green glasses, you will see everything green, right? Why do you have to disturb others? The millionaire get this and say thank you to the monk. This story tells us the lesson to rely on oneself, not to disturb other even though you have the power to do it. But it would be nicer to do it by your own.

green glasses

At last, the wrongdoing feels guilty.

This is the story I watch in TV and have fun with it so I share it with you. It is a story of friends. One friend called B1 and B2 asked Rath about where to get the peach to make peach jelly. Rath didn’t know where the peach is but when he saw the jelly in B1 and B2’s hand, he told them that he knew that he had to go in the forest at the cave to find the peach. They thank him and asked him what they will give him in return. Rath said that it is alright but if they insist to give them something back, he would like the jelly in their hand, thank you. So he got the jelly to eat. B1 and B2 went to the forest to find the peach, they post the sign at their house that if anyone would like to talk to them, they had gone to do something but it is the secret. Rath would know about it. Teddie, who is B1 and B2’s friend is concerned about them and go to Rath’s house to ask where B1 and B2 went. Then they knew that they went to the forest and they might get lost, Rath didn’t know where the peach is. So they went together in the forest to follow up and keep track with B1 and B2. Then, they reached the dark cave. They lost their way and finally B1 and B2 find the peach as expected. Rath fall down the trap and find B1 and B2. Teddie came to help Rath, B1 and B2. B1 and B2 thank Teddie and thank Rath for the way to get peach. But teddie would like Rath to tell them the truth that actually he didn’t know anything about peach, he just like to eat jelly and make up the story about where to get peach. Luckily, there is the peach in the cave in the reality. He felt guilty and said that you are the good friends, sorry for that. At least right now we have a good time with peach jelly. Enjoy the good time.

This story gives us a lesson that we should not tell the lies, and has a trick with friends. It might not be a good ending like this case. B1 and B2 might get lost in the forest and can’t come back to his friends again if Teddie and Rath can’t find them. So be sincere and tell the truth to friends. Don’t expect the thing from other and have a trick on them.

ถ้ำป่าพีช                             peach jelly

Focus first.

Happiness doesn’t depend on amount or quantity of what we have but depends on the quality of what we do. For what we do, even we do it a little bit but we do it with care and intention, it will be valuable. It is like flowers that we take care in the garden, if we do it meticulously we can have the great garden. And for the restaurant that has delicious menus and then expand and do franchise, if after expanding too much, the service is not well and quality of food mismatched then the restaurant must be closed down some branch. This lesson tells us that we should focus in less branches and do it well with cautious more than do it a lot of things and don’t do anything well.

For me, I like to work in many field but I start with the field that I can do it right now first and focus at it. If I can do this writing and selling books well. i might expand to another job if possible and if there is opportunity for me. But I will pay attention to do all the task assigned. Hope someone give me opportunity. Thank you.

Less is more..                    รวมกันเราอยู่ โดดเดี่ยวเราตาย

This picture of fish… means even we are a little fish but the more we are and coordinate with each other can beat the big fish. So this is the concept of the big little things that can happen in our lives.

To Fit.

About love, sometimes a man tries to change himself to please a woman, and the woman says it should not be done since it is not him and it is like a force that makes the relationship does not last long. But if we rethink about it, the way that a man change himself to tune in with the woman is to adjust and adapt each other to go along together better. They will know each other more and does thing to satisfy each other. They will have good emotion to tease each other sometimes since they know what doesn’t make the other angry and can be fun to tease. They can have a good time together cooking and have a free time picnic or do some stuff together.

When we have a lovely person in our life, we should keep a good relationship with him or her. Don’t make him / her sad; otherwise, you would be sad instead.

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Who should stand? Who should sit?

Today I take a public transport. And I see a mom and a kid getting the bus. There is one seat available for them. The mom hurrily comes to sit there and says to the kid that “you are a freerider, so you have to stand.” There is a lady stand up for the kid to let him sit down there. The kid says to her that “you can sit there, sister.” “I would like to be a gentleman and I would like my mom to sit. I am a boy and I can stand. I am strong enough”

This story makes me feel good about the boy but I would not like mom to say to kid like that. But this might make him being a good boy. He is strong enough even he is just a small boy and doesn’t have to pay for a fare but he will be a good gentleman in the future. How handsome heart he has?

เด็กยืน แม่นั่ง

Know customers and vendor to specify price.

Pricing strategy is important and we have to study customer psychology and

vendor’s behavior before implementing it. For some product we should set the price with

the lump sum amount, we should not set the price lower than the competitor just to beat

competitor but let the vendor have to make some change. Sometimes some product set the

price in zero digit like 20 baht so the vendor doesn’t have to give a change back, they would

not sell the product that the price is lower (like 18 baht) but need to give the change back to customers since it is easy for the vendor to sell the one with 20 baht with no change.

By the way, for products with the price ended with 9 baht like the 199 baht blouse, it

looks cheaper than the 200 baht one even though the difference is only one baht but it is the

psychology effect. We should know this and set the price to motivate them to buy from us. If we learn the customer and vendor behavior, we will set the price to match them. Thank you.

เสื้อ 199