Do business from what you like.

Someone says that we must choose to do one thing only the thing we love or the

thing that is right for us. But I would like to say to you that you can manage your time well

to do both and be happy. Let do the work you are good at for your salary and have time to

do the job you like to do when you have free time.

The mistake is someone do the job that they didn’t like because they think in term

of money only. I think the successful people mostly do something from their passion.

They ask if they like those job, whether that job can make money and if they are proud of

doing that job. And they would not be shy to ask for money from the job they like to do

since if not, they have to do the job they don’t like for money.

So if you have something you like in your time, try to make it as business and you

will be a happy businessman.



Buffet life.

In our life, sometimes we don’t know what we would like to do in the future. There

are many interesting works that we like and would like to participate. Those jobs are like

many delicious and good looking food in the buffet restaurant that we would like to eat.

We would not know which one make us satisfied and be appropriate for us unless we have

a chance to try it. It is like the buffet food, we tried it a bit for each kind of food and if we

like it, we have that more and share it with family and friends. When we know which job

we like, we concentrate on those job and recommend those to who have same interests as

us to do the same. We will be happy if we do the job we like. But before that, give

ourselves opportunity to try many jobs so we would know which one we like and which one

is appropriate for us, and then, we will be happy doing what we like to do.


buffet                           various-kind-of-job

Don’t give up with your dream no matter it is.

When you have a dream that you would like to work in a certain field,

there might be a lot of reasons that inspire you to do that. Don’t forget those reason

and pursue yourself to pursue those dream. You might not be the occupation that you

target to be but there might be other occupation that have the same type or characteristic

that you would like. For example, if you like to be a doctor to help people. But your grade is

not high enough to pursue your dream. You might select other faculty but don’t forget the

dream of helping people. You might do the business that helps people instead later. I

believe that the dream is strong enough to make you be successful. Believe in yourself

and pursue with your dream.





Inamori ‘s formula for success


Performance of work = Ability x Enthusiasm x Attitude
Sometimes, it is difficult to change the ability and enthusiasm, so we change our attitude. Ability has the level from 0 to 100. Enthusiasm has the level from 0-100. But attitude has the level from -100 to 100. So the attitude is important as it has both positive and negative effect to the task. Only a small change to be negative attitude, the task might be damaged.

It is not important for people to do something but it is more important to have passion to do it. Since strong passion will lead to the goal and we can see the end of the tunnel. It is like when people who don’t have much money; if they would like to save money, they should deposit money first before spending money so as that they can save that money.

Ability and enthusiasm is not as important as attitude. Passion to do things is an attitude. If we have a passion and if we think that we can do that stuff, we can do half success and get a good result. Hope you are lucky and have a chance to do the task you would like to and do it well.


Example of teachers in imagination.

A teacher that I would like to see is the one who thinks of the future of the children. I read an article in a book of “the greatest books that should be read” by Somkid Lwangkoon. He said that the good teacher would give the homework to the student to think about how he or she helps his or her parents with their housework. How does he or she do the good things to other people? What’s the local and international news he or she knows? What does the news happen to his or her country? And what the change in the world is? By doing these homework everyday makes the children be a gratitude boy or girl to his or her parents. They will be the good people who care about other feeling and they will be kind. They will be a noticeable boy or girl who knows about the environment around them and follows up the news. They will know what changes around them and adapt to those changes. They will update themselves all the time and have vision to know what’s the world now looks like. They will have a good wit and be able to think and imagine. They will think everyday, do the good deed everyday and be gratitude everyday. This will benefit to the children, his or her parents, the nation and the world. We hope our society will be better. Thanks for reading my message.

better kid, better world

ABCDE task

I have read a book called “winning if we find opportunity, losing if we ask for excuse.” It teaches me well how to manage our work and balance our life. We should consider about pareto rule. 80% of our effort should be focused on the important task that makes us successful, not concentrate on others. For important things, we should categorized it into the one needed to be done now. If we don’t do it, we will have a negative effect. Do that and categorize it as the task A. And categorize the other task as well into A B C D E tasks. Task E is the least important one that we should ignore it or let other do it for us. We try to plan it well and reorganize our life to manage our life well. Take care.

categorized task

Who will be responsible?

For freelancers, in case that you are the one that asks for the job and there is not much job available, you ask for the job and when the time you have exam, you say to the office that you have the exam you can’t have time to do the task. That time the office needs people to do the task. The office has too much job available when the freelancer is busy. Who would be responsible for the task? In this case, I am experienced and have decide the case by myself that I will try my best to manage the job and manage the time of study well at the same time. Even though it is not excellent is all the things but I’m responsible and care for the office task in case that the office has much job and need people to do, I had an exam but I try to manage both things well. It is lucky for me that my university have an opportunity of re-exam so I am not so serious about the exam much. I would do my best about the job and am responsible for the task in order that there is no problem and I will have a chance to work with the company for a long time.


Way to specify fitness fee.

I read a book and know that there is a fitness club specifying the fitness fee in the way that is different from the other. The company thinks that it can be better to persuade the customers to use the fitness more and more by using this strategy. The company sets the free package for customers but when the customer doesn’t come to exercise, they have to pay for the fitness fee as the penalty for not exercising. This method makes people come to the fitness more often as they would not have to pay for the fitness fee if they come but if they don’t come, they have to pay. However, there is some people don’t come every day and the fitness club gets the revenue and they are happy more than when they pay it at full amount of fee and they didn’t come at all they have to pay at first. The customer can choose to not paying by come and be the loyal customer to the fitness. This is the way to maintain loyal customer and make customers healthy.

fitness everyday

black sheep’s pricing.

I write this blog to ask for your comments about my pricing strategy for the book business via facebook. My facebook is Million books club. I would like to have facebook which buy and sell books at 50%. Customer and seller would gain benefits both way. Customer can get the low price but interesting book which will be sold online by the seller mostly read it once and would like to sell it.  The seller have a chance to read the books they like and sell it. If the customer buy and sell from the facebook, they would be like not having to pay for books much just the service fee of delivery. But the pricing of service delivery is something that I concern to ask for your comment. Because our cost of goods sold is around 50% – 60% I don’t have profit from this selling the book at 50% if I can’t have profit for operating anything, it would not be a last long business. The delivery fee would be the case that I think it should be pricing differently from the post office fee. I would like to set up by my standard. For first book delivered, I would charge the delivery fee for 30 baht, and the next book I charge for 10 baht for every book sold. But I sell the book at 50% so as that people can enjoy read and sell the book like renting the book and read till they are satisfied and resell it. Do you think it is a good idea or not? Friends, please comment me. Do you think it is unfair to customer or not, if the delivery fee I charge is not the same as the post office. I would have to have some profit to sustain the business. I would be appreciate your comment and thank you for supporting me ja. Please don’t think that I would like to be selfish and overcharge the customer. Thank you.

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