Do business from what you like.

Someone says that we must choose to do one thing only the thing we love or the

thing that is right for us. But I would like to say to you that you can manage your time well

to do both and be happy. Let do the work you are good at for your salary and have time to

do the job you like to do when you have free time.

The mistake is someone do the job that they didn’t like because they think in term

of money only. I think the successful people mostly do something from their passion.

They ask if they like those job, whether that job can make money and if they are proud of

doing that job. And they would not be shy to ask for money from the job they like to do

since if not, they have to do the job they don’t like for money.

So if you have something you like in your time, try to make it as business and you

will be a happy businessman.



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