Buffet life.

In our life, sometimes we don’t know what we would like to do in the future. There

are many interesting works that we like and would like to participate. Those jobs are like

many delicious and good looking food in the buffet restaurant that we would like to eat.

We would not know which one make us satisfied and be appropriate for us unless we have

a chance to try it. It is like the buffet food, we tried it a bit for each kind of food and if we

like it, we have that more and share it with family and friends. When we know which job

we like, we concentrate on those job and recommend those to who have same interests as

us to do the same. We will be happy if we do the job we like. But before that, give

ourselves opportunity to try many jobs so we would know which one we like and which one

is appropriate for us, and then, we will be happy doing what we like to do.


buffet                           various-kind-of-job


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