Inamori ‘s formula for success


Performance of work = Ability x Enthusiasm x Attitude
Sometimes, it is difficult to change the ability and enthusiasm, so we change our attitude. Ability has the level from 0 to 100. Enthusiasm has the level from 0-100. But attitude has the level from -100 to 100. So the attitude is important as it has both positive and negative effect to the task. Only a small change to be negative attitude, the task might be damaged.

It is not important for people to do something but it is more important to have passion to do it. Since strong passion will lead to the goal and we can see the end of the tunnel. It is like when people who don’t have much money; if they would like to save money, they should deposit money first before spending money so as that they can save that money.

Ability and enthusiasm is not as important as attitude. Passion to do things is an attitude. If we have a passion and if we think that we can do that stuff, we can do half success and get a good result. Hope you are lucky and have a chance to do the task you would like to and do it well.



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