Example of teachers in imagination.

A teacher that I would like to see is the one who thinks of the future of the children. I read an article in a book of “the greatest books that should be read” by Somkid Lwangkoon. He said that the good teacher would give the homework to the student to think about how he or she helps his or her parents with their housework. How does he or she do the good things to other people? What’s the local and international news he or she knows? What does the news happen to his or her country? And what the change in the world is? By doing these homework everyday makes the children be a gratitude boy or girl to his or her parents. They will be the good people who care about other feeling and they will be kind. They will be a noticeable boy or girl who knows about the environment around them and follows up the news. They will know what changes around them and adapt to those changes. They will update themselves all the time and have vision to know what’s the world now looks like. They will have a good wit and be able to think and imagine. They will think everyday, do the good deed everyday and be gratitude everyday. This will benefit to the children, his or her parents, the nation and the world. We hope our society will be better. Thanks for reading my message.

better kid, better world


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