Who will be responsible?

For freelancers, in case that you are the one that asks for the job and there is not much job available, you ask for the job and when the time you have exam, you say to the office that you have the exam you can’t have time to do the task. That time the office needs people to do the task. The office has too much job available when the freelancer is busy. Who would be responsible for the task? In this case, I am experienced and have decide the case by myself that I will try my best to manage the job and manage the time of study well at the same time. Even though it is not excellent is all the things but I’m responsible and care for the office task in case that the office has much job and need people to do, I had an exam but I try to manage both things well. It is lucky for me that my university have an opportunity of re-exam so I am not so serious about the exam much. I would do my best about the job and am responsible for the task in order that there is no problem and I will have a chance to work with the company for a long time.



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