Way to specify fitness fee.

I read a book and know that there is a fitness club specifying the fitness fee in the way that is different from the other. The company thinks that it can be better to persuade the customers to use the fitness more and more by using this strategy. The company sets the free package for customers but when the customer doesn’t come to exercise, they have to pay for the fitness fee as the penalty for not exercising. This method makes people come to the fitness more often as they would not have to pay for the fitness fee if they come but if they don’t come, they have to pay. However, there is some people don’t come every day and the fitness club gets the revenue and they are happy more than when they pay it at full amount of fee and they didn’t come at all they have to pay at first. The customer can choose to not paying by come and be the loyal customer to the fitness. This is the way to maintain loyal customer and make customers healthy.

fitness everyday


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