black sheep’s pricing.

I write this blog to ask for your comments about my pricing strategy for the book business via facebook. My facebook is Million books club. I would like to have facebook which buy and sell books at 50%. Customer and seller would gain benefits both way. Customer can get the low price but interesting book which will be sold online by the seller mostly read it once and would like to sell it.  The seller have a chance to read the books they like and sell it. If the customer buy and sell from the facebook, they would be like not having to pay for books much just the service fee of delivery. But the pricing of service delivery is something that I concern to ask for your comment. Because our cost of goods sold is around 50% – 60% I don’t have profit from this selling the book at 50% if I can’t have profit for operating anything, it would not be a last long business. The delivery fee would be the case that I think it should be pricing differently from the post office fee. I would like to set up by my standard. For first book delivered, I would charge the delivery fee for 30 baht, and the next book I charge for 10 baht for every book sold. But I sell the book at 50% so as that people can enjoy read and sell the book like renting the book and read till they are satisfied and resell it. Do you think it is a good idea or not? Friends, please comment me. Do you think it is unfair to customer or not, if the delivery fee I charge is not the same as the post office. I would have to have some profit to sustain the business. I would be appreciate your comment and thank you for supporting me ja. Please don’t think that I would like to be selfish and overcharge the customer. Thank you.

selling books online  selling books online 2


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