There is always a solution.

When we write the blog, sometimes we don’t have ideas to write but we should not do anything like writing anything just to write it daily and daily to say that you write already. But we should adjust our mind and know what to write first. We don’t do it for let it passed by day after day. But we would like to improve our skill, so we write every day. If we don’t know the exit way of the solution, maybe we might start at the entry again. We can exit at the entry and find the other opportunity to learn more about the topic and then write later. It would be more interesting. I try to write it everyday to improve my English. However for idea generation, I would have to improve a lot and I would not be like to be only a routine writer. I would like to improve it to be interesting one. Hope you be my will power and inspiration. Thank you.

idea to write  idea to write2

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