Season change.. Take care.

In the song “Season change” in Thailand, there is the legend for this song. Boyd asked 1 million baht from his family to invest in his music business. In recording, when he finished doing the record, the tape is out of order. He had to redo it all, but he is not discouraged, thinking that obstacle can happen and then he redo the recording.

After that he record again and do 5 tapes for contingency plan. There would be as the back up in case there is a problem. However, when the day Boyd stayed at home, there is a thief come to his house and smash the car mirror and steal 5 tapes even though he can’t do anything with it.

Boyd thinks what the bad day it is.

His mom said to him that life is like a season. When it is rainy season, it always rains. But it will passed by. Boyd got all this and had a will power and inspiration to work on the song “season change” He thanked his mom for inspiration.

Right now, it has a bad weather in Thailand like there is some storm and rain, take good care of yourself. Good luck.


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