Hey! how about the green glasses.

There is a millionaire who is ill and he worries about his possession. He asked the fortune teller about the way to maintain his wealth. The fortune teller said that he was matched with green, he should see only green things, even the cloth of people visiting him. One day a monk wearing yellow robe passed his house and he stopped him saying that the monk should paint the yellow robe to be green when the monk would like to pass his house. The monk said when you would like something, it might be easier to change yourself first before telling other to change their action. For you, just wear the green glasses, you will see everything green, right? Why do you have to disturb others? The millionaire get this and say thank you to the monk. This story tells us the lesson to rely on oneself, not to disturb other even though you have the power to do it. But it would be nicer to do it by your own.

green glasses

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