At last, the wrongdoing feels guilty.

This is the story I watch in TV and have fun with it so I share it with you. It is a story of friends. One friend called B1 and B2 asked Rath about where to get the peach to make peach jelly. Rath didn’t know where the peach is but when he saw the jelly in B1 and B2’s hand, he told them that he knew that he had to go in the forest at the cave to find the peach. They thank him and asked him what they will give him in return. Rath said that it is alright but if they insist to give them something back, he would like the jelly in their hand, thank you. So he got the jelly to eat. B1 and B2 went to the forest to find the peach, they post the sign at their house that if anyone would like to talk to them, they had gone to do something but it is the secret. Rath would know about it. Teddie, who is B1 and B2’s friend is concerned about them and go to Rath’s house to ask where B1 and B2 went. Then they knew that they went to the forest and they might get lost, Rath didn’t know where the peach is. So they went together in the forest to follow up and keep track with B1 and B2. Then, they reached the dark cave. They lost their way and finally B1 and B2 find the peach as expected. Rath fall down the trap and find B1 and B2. Teddie came to help Rath, B1 and B2. B1 and B2 thank Teddie and thank Rath for the way to get peach. But teddie would like Rath to tell them the truth that actually he didn’t know anything about peach, he just like to eat jelly and make up the story about where to get peach. Luckily, there is the peach in the cave in the reality. He felt guilty and said that you are the good friends, sorry for that. At least right now we have a good time with peach jelly. Enjoy the good time.

This story gives us a lesson that we should not tell the lies, and has a trick with friends. It might not be a good ending like this case. B1 and B2 might get lost in the forest and can’t come back to his friends again if Teddie and Rath can’t find them. So be sincere and tell the truth to friends. Don’t expect the thing from other and have a trick on them.

ถ้ำป่าพีช                             peach jelly

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