Who should stand? Who should sit?

Today I take a public transport. And I see a mom and a kid getting the bus. There is one seat available for them. The mom hurrily comes to sit there and says to the kid that “you are a freerider, so you have to stand.” There is a lady stand up for the kid to let him sit down there. The kid says to her that “you can sit there, sister.” “I would like to be a gentleman and I would like my mom to sit. I am a boy and I can stand. I am strong enough”

This story makes me feel good about the boy but I would not like mom to say to kid like that. But this might make him being a good boy. He is strong enough even he is just a small boy and doesn’t have to pay for a fare but he will be a good gentleman in the future. How handsome heart he has?

เด็กยืน แม่นั่ง

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