Focus first.

Happiness doesn’t depend on amount or quantity of what we have but depends on the quality of what we do. For what we do, even we do it a little bit but we do it with care and intention, it will be valuable. It is like flowers that we take care in the garden, if we do it meticulously we can have the great garden. And for the restaurant that has delicious menus and then expand and do franchise, if after expanding too much, the service is not well and quality of food mismatched then the restaurant must be closed down some branch. This lesson tells us that we should focus in less branches and do it well with cautious more than do it a lot of things and don’t do anything well.

For me, I like to work in many field but I start with the field that I can do it right now first and focus at it. If I can do this writing and selling books well. i might expand to another job if possible and if there is opportunity for me. But I will pay attention to do all the task assigned. Hope someone give me opportunity. Thank you.

Less is more..                    รวมกันเราอยู่ โดดเดี่ยวเราตาย

This picture of fish… means even we are a little fish but the more we are and coordinate with each other can beat the big fish. So this is the concept of the big little things that can happen in our lives.

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