Smile is like a flip of action, continually happen to each other and going forward.

Smile, a little action that people can do it easily when they have a good mood, can

make the atmosphere feel better each day. When you smile, the other will smile back to you.

And it creates a good atmosphere that is like the wave of good mood coming back to the shore.

You might wonder why people would like to be with the humorous person or people with good

emotion. That is because they will create the fun atmosphere to live together. And when people

smile together, they will forget about the tough time that they encounter. They will have the will

power to fight back the situation as they have the other people who will be their side. I would like

to say that I would support my friends and help them if I can and only smile and some kind words

can help them fight back with their problems. I hope their lives will be better and I will be their

friends forever.

smilesmile 3smile 2smile 4

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