Friendship never dies.

Do you feel anything if you encounter the situation that your friend

tease you or be dishonest to you and after that they say sorry to you and say

that they will not do that again? This situation happen when Rath, a character

in a cartoon story would like to eat a picnic snacks of his friends and have a good

time so he had a plan telling his friends that he knew that there is a gold treasure

in the river. He said that if his friends would like to dig for it, it needed some

equipment and they didn’t have to pay anything just give the picnic snacks for him,

he just like to eat it. He said that if his friends went to dig for the gold treasure, they

would not have time for eating these snack already. So it would be the case that

they would give snacks for him. Then, those friends give him all snacks and go

to find treasure with the hope to be rich. But there is nothing there. Those friends

come back to him letting him to find the diamond instead since they just find it.

And when he didn’t  find it as well. They tell him the truth and say what he feels

about disappointment especially if it is not disappointment from not receiving things

but disappointment from dishonest friend. So Rath said sorry to his friend and

promised that he would not do it again. And those friends accept his apology and

have picnic together without anger much. They are still friends in the case that

they will be good to each other and will not do something bad to each other again.

gold treaurehonesty_right one

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