Parent’s love is enormous value.

I write this blog to communicate the parent’s love toward the children.

As the parents, they take care of us well no matter how they act or do to us.

Sometimes, we might misunderstand some point that they did to us and think why

they didn’t do in the way we like them to do. But actually it is the best thing that

they like to do to us already and with their best wishes. They would like to let us

be a good person and be the one with ability. We might see how great their love is as the

example of zombie dad from the following link. This dad would like to protect his child from

himself, he would become zombie within 30 minutes so he planned to let the shotgun kill him

and save his child before he became zombie and killed the child. He let the meat be the

stimulant for his travelling that he would not like to return to kill his child. By the way, if he can

select his life, he might like to be alive and take care of his child as the warm family. I think

this zombie dad would be as the kind of parent’s love that like to let his children happy, not

destroying them and have the best thing for their lives. I think my dad and my mom give a lot

to me as well that I would give something in return to them every time that I have a chance.

Good time for my family and every people.

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