Creative idea can be found in many places.

We live our life daily and feel the concept of routine. But we can

think of what we see each day to make a creative things. When we do something

mistakenly, we might use it in the way that we thought it will be benefit. For example,

3M company, the boss would like the team to produce the high quality glue that can

be used to many material and stick it well. However, when they did the test, they

create the glue that is not fixed permanently. If they don’t think creatively, they would not

use that produce in any perspective. But because of his rethinking process, when he

see the wind that day in the church and they can’t find the page of the music book. He

think of this glue to make the post it to use as the bookmark. And it will be product sold

these days.

And when there is people would like to find the way to encourage people to use

stairs instead of the escalator, they use the fun theory making the stair as the step of piano

in both the form and music sound. When people step in, there is the sound of music so it is

fun for people to use the piano stair and they use stair more than the past. And it can save

energy that if there is no people use escalator, it might turn it off with the censor only when

there are some people  who use it This idea is beneficial and creative that many people can

adjust their mind to create some thought like this. Cheer! There will be a new innovative idea

next to you. Congratulations!.  post it

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